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Successfully digitising the insurance industry

Digitisation is changing the behaviour, needs and demands of customers and forcing insurers to invest massively in modernising their IT systems. The aim is to completely digitise the insurance business and incorporate end-to-end automated processes of a high standard. This is the only way to meet customers’ expectations regarding product flexibility, speed, and seamless multichannel service.

Outstanding customer journeys are becoming an increasingly important factor in setting businesses apart from their rivals, and they can prevent customers migrating away to new players in the insurance industry. It also has to be possible to integrate modern IT solutions easily into digital ecosystems to sustain lasting competitiveness and achieve growth, including outside the core business.

As a leading supplier of software for insurers, msg offers a series of highly developed standard solutions for fully digitised insurance business, covering the back end, the front end and data analysis.

Perfectly prepared for the digital transformation with modern IT

Data science
Data science in the insurance industry

Continuous Delivery
Software releases as if from a conveyor belt

Cloud Solutions
Insurance companies heading towards the cloud