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Do you enjoy new professional challenges and see your future with the leading provider of software, consulting and cloud solutions for insurance companies? Are you not only looking for a job, but also for the opportunity to balance your professional and personal goals? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Work with us to set the software standard in the insurance market, even without being an expert in every subject area – we invest in our employees and continuously promote their professional focuses and interests with individually tailored measures.

In addition to annual employee appraisal interviews, in which measures for development, qualification and advancement are defined, a comprehensive onboarding programme is one of the key elements of our employee development. We will ensure that you experience a smooth start at msg life by not only providing you with a mentor, but also giving you an insight into our various locations. Find your feet quickly at our company and in your motivated team.


Changes in your private and professional environment can lead to challenges in compatibility with existing models of work. In such situations, we offer our employees the best possible support. That’s why our employees can actively arrange their working hours with our flexitime account, in addition to 30 days of annual leave. As long as the general conditions permit, we also arrange individual working hours models that adapt to your situation – be it through parental leave for mothers and fathers or a flexible regulation for working from home. Because a healthy balance between one’s work and private life is also important to us.

For a stress-free start to your working day we provide you with discounted tickets for public transport or a leased company car. In addition to Christmas and summer parties at our respective locations, we also organise regular team events.

The services mentioned may vary depending on the location. Please contact us at any time for further information. We would be happy to discuss individual solutions with you in a personal meeting.

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My job at msg life

msg life offers a wide range of challenges, and the people who work at msg life are equally diverse. We would like to invite you to take a look behind the scenes and find out what our employees have to say ...

  • Software developer
  • Mathematician / Actuary
  • Business consultant
  • Project manager
  • Student / Intern
  • Business Administration

Sandra Romahn

Recruiting and Development team leader

“I enjoy my job as a Recruiting and People Development team leader as I can always develop and shape new, innovative subject areas with my team. It is an exciting challenge to look for highly qualified recruits for a medium-sized company and establish long-term ties between them and the company. It requires new ideas all the time in a field with a lot of creative leeway. We are very good at this and working on it makes every day fun. For me, the special thing about msg life is the people who work here as well as the flexibility and impartiality with which we approach everyone as an employer.”

Jasmin Hannig

HR Services / HR Business Partner team leader

“As an HR Business Partner, I advise our employees on matters of employment law, am involved in higher-level HR projects and am in charge of selecting new recruits. I am also responsible for the overall management of the team which entails everything to do with personnel administration as well as the optimisation of internal HR processes. What I value in particular at msg life are the diverse, challenging HR topics where I am able to contribute my own ideas and in doing so help design a lot of things. Everyone can take on as much responsibility as they want. I appreciate the highly collegial working environment and the flexibility you have at msg life, not to mention the trust placed in you – simply put, it is fun to be a part of msg life!”

Hermela Tesfagiorgis

Junior HR Professional recruiting

“I have been working in recruitment at msg life for over one year now. Generally speaking, my responsibilities include reading and processing applications as well as organising and supporting recruitment events. When I started as a student temp in September 2018, I did the job alongside my bachelor’s degree in business administration. After I obtained my degree, I was given the opportunity to start a graduate internship. At msg life, you join the team immediately and can take on responsibility from the outset.”

Elisabeth Runte

HR Professional recruiting and development

“Through my work as a student temp at msg life, I had the opportunity to write my master’s degree thesis in cooperation with the company. I was then given the opportunity to join the company as a permanent employee. I greatly value being able to assume responsibility even as a young employee and in doing so both apply and improve my knowledge. Alongside recruitment and HR marketing tasks, I work in HR development and help design things such as our onboarding programme. I like the collegial working environment, my flexible working hours and my diverse responsibilities – which are all reasons why I really enjoy working at msg life.”

Martina Rathje

HR Professional development

“As a HR professional in HR development, I am in charge of organising our internal training courses and events. I work in a great team which welcomed me with open arms from day one. Besides the friendliness of my colleagues in the company, the thing I value most is that I can contribute my ideas at all times which reinforces my own personal responsibility. Additionally, as I am free to structure my assignments and have flexible working hours; I have a healthy balance between work and leisure time.”

Claudia Falkenberg

HR Professional development

“As a human resources developer at msg life, I work to improve existing knowledge and skills. I love creating and hosting events. Our onboarding events, where I get to know all of our new colleagues and make sure they have the best possible start at msg life, are a particular highlight for me. Why am I at msg life? Because even after almost 20 years, there are still new development opportunities and exciting assignments, and words such as “flexibility” and “teamwork” are not simply buzzwords here: they are put into practice.”

Maike Kurrle

HR Professional recruiting and development

“As an HR professional in recruitment, HR development and university marketing, my responsibilities include holding workshops and organising trade fairs. I was able to take on a lot of responsibility and set my own flexible working hours from day one and I was valued as a person. I can apply my own ideas and even put them into practice.”

Jan Vatter

Head of quality management and project management

“As head of Quality Management and Project Management Office, I am in charge of developing and delivering concepts, methods and tools for projects. My team and I coordinate closely with Project Management and support our projects as experts in the applications and tools when they are used by the Project Management Office. msg life gives employees who want to get involved numerous opportunities to participate and develop personally. Thanks to the flat hierarchies and uncomplicated decision-making processes, it is possible to voice your opinions and make a significant difference to the company as an expert or manager.”

Marina Dorokhina

Junior project manager

“As a junior project manager in the field of insurance software, I actively support our experienced project managers and programme managers in an international customer project. My field of responsibility provides a lot of leeway for my own ideas and is highly diverse. I particularly like how colleagues work well with one another at msg life, and this is even the case across the various sites and national borders.”

Julia Augustin

Project management office

“As I work in a large project team, the responsibilities are extremely varied and never monotonous. Over the past few months, my field of activity in the Project Management Office has grown steadily to the point that I had the opportunity to grow with my responsibilities and learn new things. In my everyday work, I provide administrative support to the project managers, prepare reports and presentations, manage project controlling and even handle the onboarding process for new project team members. The flat hierarchies in the company make communication and teamwork significantly easier. This contributes to a positive working environment in which colleagues are happy to support one another even when things get a little stressful.”

Jonathan Thalmann

Business consultant

“As a consultant and actuarial mathematician at msg life, I work as part of a highly skilled team to realise new insurance products. In particular, I like the mixture of mathematics, programming and close, friendly cooperation with customers. As a new recruit, life was made easy for me at msg life. My helpful colleagues and our informal means of communication made it possible for me to find my feet quickly and without pressure. As I am able to work from home, on the premises of customers or in the office, my working week is always diverse with flexible working hours without me having to be out of the house five days a week.”

Antonia Binder

Business consultant

“After ten years of handling insurance cases, I moved behind the scenes and am now helping to design an administration system for life insurance policies. I test the system from inputting applications to processing payments so that it works the way it is supposed to for the customer. My ideas and suggestions were welcome from the outset; ultimately I was an end customer for years. I felt like I was part of the team immediately and even now learn something new every day. My personal development is also actively supported by msg life and my private life does not suffer thanks to flexible working hours and being able to work from home. I look forward to seeing what is on the horizon.”

Jeanette Finck

Business consultant

“As a consultant, I am in charge of conceptualising and implementing processes. My fields of responsibility are exciting and my everyday work highly diverse. I particularly enjoy working on my own responsibility and working in teams of people from multiple sites. I was immediately welcomed with open arms by my new colleagues at msg life and so felt comfortable straight away.”

Frank Schlenker


“Besides the diversity of actuarial assignments and programming software, I particularly enjoy the balance between working in the background and direct contact with our customers on-site. As a mathematician, it is nice to see your own work going straight to the customer and proving a success. I bear responsibility and am actively involved in the decision as to what work content I want to focus on more closely.”

Antonia Ache

Software developer

“I think it is important to work in a collegial atmosphere in which I can further myself continuously. This has been the case with my work at msg life. As a software developer specialising in mathematics in an agile team, I value the teamwork with my friendly colleagues in particular. We help and learn from one another. I find the diverse challenges and the various opportunities to learn new things exciting. Due to my flexible working hours and the option of working part time, my job at msg life is also easy to balance with my family life.”

Anita Greif

Software developer

“As a software developer specialising in project services, my work largely focuses on meeting customer requirements, providing specialist advice for technical difficulties and coordinating development assignments. The openness and outstanding teamwork between colleagues make joining the company a good experience and the wide range of responsibilities leave no time for boredom. Working on your own responsibility is valued and employees are encouraged to develop further. The flexible working hours model and excellent IT infrastructure are the cherry on top for me.”

Kai-Günther Jauch

Software developer

“As a build manager, I am responsible for making sure that the technical infrastructure for building and running the software works properly, is maintained and is augmented to meet customer requirements. As such, I am also a point of contact if there are build or operation problems, as well as for questions relating to configuration and the system landscapes of customers. I support numerous sub-projects and therefore have to have a very broad knowledge base. It grows steadily as I take on more and more new responsibilities. It is worth it to work for msg life because we support one another within the team and I can always rely on my colleagues.”

Layla Öztürk

Software developer

“My work as a build manager at msg life presents diverse responsibilities working with colleagues in a wide range of fields on a daily basis. I am in charge of the infrastructure for the system integration of our software, and design the technical implementation of new concepts. msg life has an extremely pleasant working environment in which every employee quickly finds their feet. Personnel development in particular is put into practice through the corporate culture. Even after just one year at msg life, I have taken the initiative and now carry out training courses and help familiarise new colleagues with the company and their work.”

Henning Bogsch

Business consultant

“My everyday work focuses on technical conceptualisation for expansions and modifications to our software. I analyse laws in order to identify the need for modifications and supervise the implementation of the changes. I would say that the outstanding onboarding process and integration into the company and my tasks have been particular highlights in this job. Thanks to the flat hierarchies, you can not only voice your own ideas, but also implement them, and even as a new employee you learn that your ideas are valued just as much as those of long-standing employees. At msg life, everyone is working together for one thing: to provide the customer with the best possible result!”

Katja Preuss

Business consultant

“What I like best about msg life is that here the team is not just a word, but people really think as a team – we all work towards concrete goals and all pull in the same direction in order to deliver great results for the customer and the company. In my day-to-day work I also get frequent acknowledgement of what I do from my colleagues and managers and I’m happy to reciprocate with that. Flexible working hours mean I can combine private life and business life very well.”

Tobias Grochla


“As a student temp in the Migration team I am involved in the design, execution and comparison of test cases for software development. I have to do with a lot of figures, tables and formulae and can put my experience from my studies to use in concrete practical cases. The flat hierarchies mean they take me seriously here, even as a student temp, and I can feel that my managers trust me. My suggestions and ideas are noted and discussed in an atmosphere that is defined by teamwork.”

Yvonne Binding

Junior business consultant

“As a junior business consultant at msg life, I formulate customer requests, document them in concepts and test the changes after they have been made. I greatly value msg life as an employer as I feel that I count as a person – this recognition comes not only from my colleagues, but also from superiors. The working environment is pleasant and despite the fact that the work is diverse and you can handle it on your own responsibility, further professional development is never neglected.”

Moritz Wong

Business consultant

“It has been almost one year since I moved from an insurer to msg life and a lot has happened in that time. I was allowed to attend my first appointment with a customer on just my third day at work, followed by three months of intensive onboarding and active participation in my first projects. As such, I was involved in processes and the daily events without delay, enabling me to orient myself at work quickly. No matter what I needed assistance with, all of my colleagues gave it immediately and without fuss. And that is exactly how I wanted it to be. Today I am involved in a handful of projects and can both contribute my own ideas and implement them on my own responsibility.”

Heike Blank

Business analyst/
Sub-project manager

‘Two things were particularly important for me when I was choosing which company to work for: direct customer contact and flexible working hours. At msg life I got both of those. There are no fixed working hours; everyone works how it suits them best. For me that is definitely a sign that the company really trusts its employees and their capabilities. Whether full-time or part-time, in the office or from home – teamwork across different offices works very well in this flexible model. That is what I call really modern.’

Andreas Ebner

Executive program manager

‘As a program manager I am in contact with many different colleagues every day. So it’s vital for me that we get on well with one another. At msg life I experience every day how collegiality and the opportunity to contribute ideas create a good working atmosphere. Thanks to a modern system of working hours I am also very flexible about how I organise where and when I work. Another bonus for me is that msg life offers me many opportunities for personal development in different areas.’

Marion Schenker

Executive program manager

“As an executive program manager, I am in charge of two major msg.Insurance Suite introductory and migration projects for msg life on both a national and international level. My responsibilities include managing my project team of over 100 colleagues, making sure that we meet our project standards and holding contractual negotiations with our customers and subcontractors, and naturally I am also financially responsible for these projects. My job at msg life is therefore highly diverse and gives me a lot of freedom to work independently and structure my projects.”

Frenky Varga


“Getting work experience during my studies – at msg life I can do that as a student temp. To start with I had a proper onboarding programme and since then I have supported the team with whatever crops up from day to day, which gives me great insights into their everyday work. They are open for new ideas and I have the space to take an independent approach and can learn to take responsibility for my work. I can certainly imagine working here later and becoming part of this motivated and dedicated company.”

Melanie Herzog


“I like working at msg life, because my job suits me perfectly: I’m interested in actuarial science and also like programming at the same time. At msg life I can combine the two: for my work in Project Service it’s not enough to be an actuary or a programmer; here I can combine the two roles in hands-on client projects. In addition, msg life supports my training to become a certified actuary, which opens up additional opportunities for me.”

Patrick Bongen

Junior business consultant

“At msg life I can really hit the ground running as a junior consultant. Working on different projects and answering customer enquiries always brings up a wealth of fascinating new topics. Lately, I have focused on analysing new questions as well as the design and development of drafts and specifications. Discussing relevant issues with my colleagues, we keep finding new approaches for solving a problem. Teamwork is vital at msg life and with regular feedback from my managers I can develop my individual career prospects.”

Jacqueline Op de Hipt

Junior business consultant

“Before a product can be delivered to the customer it has to be thoroughly tested to eliminate any errors beforehand and to ensure it functions perfectly. That calls for all the teams involved to work together closely. There is a pleasant working atmosphere at msg life. We treat each other as equals and all pull in the same direction. That not only enables us to deliver a good product to our customers, but means we have fun at work too and can keep developing together.”

Nadine Klemme

Project manager

“Every day is different at msg life. As a project manager, my responsibility lies in the frictionless realisation of of my projects. The requirements are not always completely predictable in project planning and can change over the course of the project. So at the start of the day I don’t always know exactly what’s going to come up and have to respond flexibly with my team to new challenges. As my employer, msg life gives me the freedom I need to do that and supports my work with individual development opportunities. Tackling exciting new tasks every day is what I like most about my job.”

Sandra Griebenow

Business consultant for business processes

“Although I’ve only been part of msg life for a few months I can already say that I feel right at home here! The introductory programme is well structured and every department has received me with open arms and an open mind for my questions. Everyone is on first-name terms and is very keen to help each other. I couldn’t have wished for a better start. Now I’m interested to see how my career here advances, because as a young person msg life offers me a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities.”

Melanie Klinger

Project assistant to the management

“My project work brings me into contact with various colleagues and departments at the company’s various offices. Good communications, understanding for one another and a healthy feedback culture are vital for me, whether with managers or colleagues. At msg life I experience exactly that on a daily basis! As well as the collegial atmosphere I appreciate the excellent work-life balance. And the flexible working hours mean I can take my free time when I need it.”

Norbert Newe

Department manager/
Skill manager for mathematics

“What I particularly appreciate about my job is the varied national and international project work. I am responsible for a wide range of challenging tasks, from actuarial consulting in insurance processes, specification and design through to implementation and mathematical testing. For me it’s all about the mix: I have plenty of space to work autonomously and independently and at the same time I cooperate a lot with my team and our customers.”

Christian Maute

Executive program manager

“As a programme manager I am responsible for the technical and organisational control of a number of concurrent projects as well as their profitability. I am in close contact with our clients in regard of the full scope of all current project issues. I like to take advantage of the freedom of action and design that is granted to me. My area of responsibility is very diversified, I make use of flexible working hours and work on different premises. I enjoy working with msg life because in working together we help each other and value fair play. This is important for me as well.”

Jan-Christian Ruge

Software developer

“As a senior software engineer I am entrusted with varied projects. The company gives me plenty of room to take on responsibility: in implementing customer requirements, supporting the functional advisers with the technical concepts or coordinating development work. The supportive company culture makes it easier for me to coach the project developers and encourages a really team-oriented working atmosphere. So I see msg life as a company that appreciates its staff, gives them opportunities for professional training and allows them to take on responsibility quickly.”

Kai Andrée

Application developer and Software engineer

“25 years at msg life speak for themselves. During this time I have particularly come to appreciate the varied range of tasks and the excellent teamwork. I can contribute to various different topics and find tasks that I can identify with. As an application developer and software engineer I analyse what our clients require of our software and take care of customisation design and implementation. In addition, I frequently take on functional advisory roles in various client projects.”

Sophie Koch

Insurance consultant

“Mutual support among colleagues and staff development have a very high priority at msg life. As a specialist adviser for insurance technology I am involved on a daily basis with the analysis of faults and deviations, with implementing new functionalities and with testing. It is very helpful that I was able to expand my programming knowledge and complete a training course as an actuary, in order to make my contribution even more effective. An exciting and varied range of tasks and flexible working hours round off my job profile.”

Utz Bornhäuser

Insurance consultant

“For 20 years I have experienced diversity, responsibility, ongoing new projects and teams at msg life. As a specialist for insurance technology I not only work on mathematical brain-teasers, but also on the technical development of software solutions. My job gives me the opportunity to work on all the development phases of a project and to assume responsibility – from coordination with the client, conceptional work and coding through to system testing. As a commuter I find the flexible working hours very helpful. Thanks to the individual support from msg life I was also able to complete my actuarial training. And I enjoy making use of the sports on offer at the site.”

Agustinus Tedja

Software developer

“After more than ten years in the logistics and pharma industry I found a technical challenge that fits me perfectly. As a software developer for the core product msg.Life Factory I can apply both my IT experience and the knowledge I acquired during my studies, for instance in project-specific customization, development and tests. A flat hierarchy, modern working resources, supportive colleagues and a mentor providing tuition and advice, have all helped me to have a comfortable start at msg life.”

Tilo Kornak

Software developer / Project manager

“As a software developer and project manager I have a wide variety of potential responsibilities, roles and development opportunities. I find it fascinating to work in international teams, to share our experience and so to move forwards together. At msg life we are always on the leading edge of the industry and are permanently refining our products – so there’s never any time to get bored.”

Vanja Prole-Untch

Software developer / Sub-project manager

“For almost 20 years I have enjoyed the great working atmosphere and varied range of assignments at msg life. Here I can combine my family life and my career and continue my professional development. As a software developer and sub-project manager I work on the system and also alongside our clients. This entails the design and implementation of new functionalities, as well as consultation with internal and external departments. I like the high level of autonomy and the straightforward working atmosphere. And I am also involved in training new colleagues.”

Damien Meersman


“For me, it’s important to have a job where I can make a difference and have space to keep developing. I get both of these at msg life. I am responsible for the different specifications of the software architecture and so can keep on developing in that area. At msg life I not only have exciting tasks, but also a friendly working atmosphere and a good work–life balance.”

Michael Wett

Mathematician / Actuary

“For me, working at msg life means: dealing with challenges at a high level. By that I mean the functional contents and also the technical implementation. My functional focus is on requirements management for insurance technology. I really enjoy working for a modern company with a good HR policy. Here I can contribute my own ideas and put them into practice, in connection with the design and execution of customer workshops, for instance, or the definition of new requirements.”

Manuela Schnabel

Mathematician / Actuary

“As an actuary and expert for insurance technology in mathematics I have to deal with varied and challenging topics and project work every day. My day-to-day work at msg life entails the analysis, design and implementation of customising requests for our core product, the Life Factory. Flexibility to determine my working hours is particularly important to me as a mother of two. My colleagues and managers are very understanding and that is part of the reason that I can take on responsible assignments.”

Martin Langosch

Assistant to the Management Board (mathematician)

“After two interesting and instructive years in computation module development in projects for customers, I took the next step at msg life that best suited me. As an assistant to the Management Board, I currently assist all of the members of the Management Board with their everyday business and am a liaison with regard to central and forward-looking aspects of the development of our software. My internal job change was quick and pleasant with no bureaucratic obstacles. The positive influence of new colleagues and fields of responsibility has been a tremendous boost for my personal development. I look forward to more great experiences at msg life!”

Frederik Saxinger


“As my first employer, msg life enabled me to make the transition from my theoretical studies to professional work as a mathematician. The mathematical programming that is part of my daily work mostly takes place across all our offices. Thanks to flat hierarchies and close, straightforward working relationships, there are no difficulties at all in collaborating with colleagues in other offices.”

Fabian Pühringer


“The most exciting thing about my work as a functional adviser is the combination of different working areas: from programming and costing insurance products through to dealing with functional requirements of a legal and financial nature. msg life offers me the perfect mix of exciting and varied tasks.”

We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees as well as all applicants for employment without regard to race, ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, age, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.

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