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Tips for your application

Your application gives a vital first impression of you, your skills and talents, and your personality. So it’s worth taking time to prepare your application carefully. Here are some tips that you might find useful:

Collect information about our company and the sector in which we operate, and think about what you expect from your future role at msg life.

We are interested in what you can contribute to your future role. Which aspects of your career to date or your apprenticeship and degree are particularly important for the position you are applying for? What skills and qualifications do you have that you can contribute for the benefit of msg life?

Please send us a complete application package, consisting of a descriptive cover letter, a CV and relevant references and certificates – ideally all in PDF format.

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Your application to msg life

1. Your application will be forwarded to our specialist departments

The HR team will look through your application and confirm its receipt. It will then be forwarded on to the relevant specialist department, or to more than one department if appropriate.


If it is taking us a little longer than expected to process your application, we will update you on the current status.


If we see potential in your application documents, we will invite you to a detailed telephone interview or to an initial interview in person.


We will conduct a more thorough second interview or, after consulting with you, organise a ‘taster day’ for you at msg life.


If the talks between us prove to be successful on both our parts, you will be offered a contract.


A well-founded familiarisation process especially tailored to your needs will help ease you into your role at msg life.

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