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Experience msg life as an employer: here is an overview of the job fairs and other events we will be attending. We are looking forward to meeting you there! Please note that event information is generally provided in the language of the country in which the event will take place.

Latest information: Due to current events in connection with the coronavirus, some of the events already announced will be cancelled. Whether a postponement of a cancelled event in the course of this year is still possible is currently being examined by the organisers. We will keep you informed about the current status of the respective events via our homepage. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Overview: Our events in 2021

All previous job fairs & events


msg life – Aufgabenvielfalt für Mathematiker/-innen – CASE-Event 2.0


Praxis@Campus #digital


Virtuelles Firmenspeeddating der Universität Ulm


Digitale stellenwerk-Jobmesse


Online ITCS Hamburg


Pitch Club Developer Edition in München


msg life – Aufgabenvielfalt für Mathematiker/-innen – CASE-Event 3.0


Zukunftsperspektive Aktuar – CASE-Event 4.0


Virtueller DHBW Studieninformationstag


Virtueller WiMa-Kongress der Universität Ulm

Hausmesse Stuttgart

Event for pupils and school-leavers

8th March 2022, 09.30am – 12.00pm

Breitwiesenstraße 20-22, 70565 Stuttgart

On Tuesday, March 8th, we will participate in the in-house career fair organized by the Stuttgart. Representatives of various companies (electronics and IT sector) and educational institutions will be on site in the morning from 9.30am until 12.00pm to give an insight into working life, dual studies or the start of training.


All further information can be found at: Hausmesse – it schule stuttgart (

IT-day – HFT Stuttgart

Event for students

19th May 2022, 10.00am – 02.00pm

Bau 2 Ausstellungsraum 2/086, Schellingstr. 24, 70174 Stuttgart

On Thursday, May 19th 2022, we will participate at the 16th Information day organized by the HFT Stuttgart. The event offers students the opportunity to exchange ideas on current topics and connect with business representatives. We are very excited to be part of this event.

Further information can be found at:

Company Speed Dating – Uni Ulm

Online-Event for students

2nd June 2022

On June 2nd, we are yet again part of the virtual company speed dating event organized by the University of Ulm.  This event gives students the opportunity to inform themselves about different companies and then afterwards register for a 15-minute interview. You can register for an interview with our colleagues from April 19th.


Further information can be found at: