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Unified Product Platform for Health

Modular platform to define, develop and distribute products

Healthcare is changing. Regulations and mandates, along with financial pressures to reduce cost, directly conflict with the increasing demands of the savvy, individualized consumer. In the digitalized world, you now must marry that complexity and demand with a sophisticated and efficient back office.

The Unified Product Platform transforms your business from complexity to clarity by helping you define your offerings and develop, distribute and deliver them to your members. Utilizing the power of a single source of truth, your business products are dissembled into reusable components that can be reassembled into a workflow that ensures accuracy, consistency, and collaboration throughout your organization.


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Transform your business

Single point of truth

Centralize and store all of your product data in a digital warehouse, making management simple. By reusing granular components of data, you can be confident that product information is accurate and consistent across your organization.

Open APIs

The platform's open APIs allow for simplified integration with existing systems, leveraging your investments and enabling fast adoption. With information reused from the single source of truth, the behavior of downstream systems accurately reflects your product offerings.

Document generation

With an automated workflow, you can easily generate any output document, either static or dynamic, and produce compliant-ready documents like SBCs and Member Certificates.

Flexible configuration

With the power of granular product data or pre-packaged standards, you can quickly configure plans— from individual to ASO— to distribute to market. User guardrails eliminate timely and costly errors, ensuring you maintain a competitive advantage.

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Your advantages

By applying manufacturing principles to the business of insurance, you are enabled to:

  • Define product components, such as benefits, accumulators, adjudications, and business and administrative rules
  • Develop plans spanning individual through ASO, based upon pre-packed standards or customized offerings.
    • Bundle and package Rx, dental, wellness, and ancillary services
    • Dynamically create Benefit Summaries and SBCs
    • Establish administrative details to enable group installation and member services, such as billing options
    • Price and rate your offerings
  • Distribute downstream for the following:
    • Generation of compliant-ready documents (such as SBCs and Member Certificates)
    • Integration of various systems (such as sales, claims, billing, contracts, group administration, reporting, member portals and customer service centers)
    • Support of multiple channels (such as the public exchange, brokers, benefits consultants, etc.)
  •  Deliver customer service 24/7 with accuracy, through a comprehensive, searchable view of plans, associated benefits, and historical data