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Unified Administration Platform

Multi-sector system for smaller insurance portfolios

In the current market, where customization is a fundamental base of action, insurance providers need to look at consumers as unique individuals, each with their own requirements and needs. So the question is: how can you face the challenge of an increasingly competitive and individual-based market if systems and processes are outdated, requiring months, or even years, to define, develop, evaluate, and distribute a new product?  You need a technology that cuts time to market and improves operational efficiency.

The Unified Administration Platform answers this demand, providing a streamlined and cost-effective management system that covers your core functions. With flexible implementation, the end-to-end capabilities of the Unified Administration Platform will optimize your company’s policy administration for tasks like commission and reserve calculations. The system enables new products in life, accident, property, liability, and health insurance to be rapidly developed and launched, while streamlining your business processes and empowering users to parameterize.


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Standard software

Our release-driven standard solution offers companies a high degree of investment protection and future security, as the same core is distributed to the community that contributes to the system by providing a constant business input.

Multi-client, multi-language and multi-currency

The system is multi-lingual, multi-client and multi-currency, helping to support the cultural of international corporations.

High-level Integration

The software can be easily integrated with existing applications. By integrating with peripheral systems, such as general ledger and CRM, its flexibility in system integration and predefined standard interfaces ensures a rapid production start.

Full Lifecycle Support

Insurance products are defined and developed into testable, sellable packages for new or existing clients, supporting the entire product lifecycle, from sales, to offers, to contracts, to service and claims. Users are enabled to easily handle commissions, agent structures, as well as money and fund transactions.

Flexible Implementation

With the platform customized to your business needs and processes, the solution shortens the time which is required to develop and bring a product to market, enhancing your competitiveness.

Automated Workflow

The Unified Administration Platform accelerates the development of new skills and implementation of new systems without creating strong dependencies on external factors for continued success. Streamlined processes and operational efficiency create a more agile environment, making your company more effective and proactive, turning your business structure into a well-oiled machine, prepared to take on the market.

Your advantages

  • Lean all-sector policy administration system that spans life, accident, property, liability and health insurance
  • Upgradable standard software package with consistent coverage of core business processes
  • Comprehensive system of fully integrated functional modules that cover the whole value chain of the back-office portfolio administration.
  • Built-in support for insurance agents and end-customer experience.
  • Short project implementation cycles with high level experience in migrating legacy data
  • Automates the workflow
  • Simple, user-intuitive interface