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The solutions from msg life support insurance companies from all lines of business to cope with current and future challenges. Our portfolio extends from customised services and functional concepts to sophisticated standard software products and all-inclusive solutions that cover all insurance operations. If required, msg life supports your entire value chain – from product development to brokerage and online sales, and from initial offers through to the payment of benefits. The high degree of standardisation enables our solutions to be implemented and put into production quickly and at low cost. Flexible customising and payment models (SaaS/cloud solutions) give our clients the maximum freedom to use and refine our solutions individually. Of course, our software supports multiple clients, currencies and languages and so can also be deployed immediately in an international context.

msg.Life Factory

Policy administration system for life insurance companies

msg.Insurance Suite

Complete solution for fully digitised insurance business


Smooth payment transactions owing to digitalised processes

msg.Business Partner

High-performance administration of natural and legal persons


Solution for controlling and managing sales structures

msg.Health Factory

Modular standard software for the private health insurance market


Audit-proof management of data for projections

msg.Life Group

Policy administration for collective business


Modern policy administration system for company pension commitments

msg.Migration Archive

Archiving of historical contract data and peripheral system data

msg.Migration Factory

The complete solution for secure and cost-effective migrations in life insurance

msg.Migration System

Migration of data from any source system to any target system


Fully digitised transaction control and document management

msg.Online Insure

Customer Self Service Portal

msg.P&C Factory

Policy administration for P&C insurance companies


Service portal for time value accounts and company pension plans

msg.Pension Data

Solution for the automated provision of data for the digital pension overview


Flexible product development from a single source


Pension settlement and documentation system


Web-based omni-channel platform for digitalization of all sales processes

msg.Tax Connect

Software for tax reporting processes

msg.Tax Data - tax exemption orders

Solution for the automated management of tax exemption orders and non-assessment certificates

msg.Tax Data - Pflege-Bahr

Solution for the automation of allowances processes and reporting procedures for private supplementary care insurance (Pflege-Bahr)

msg.Tax Data - private medical insurance certification process

Solution for automating the certification process for wage tax deduction features in private compulsory health and care insurance

msg.Underwriting Platform

Automate the entire underwriting process


Solution for automated management of allowances processes

msg.ZVK Factory

Policy administration system for supplementary pension funds

Unified Administration Platform

Multi-sector system for smaller insurance portfolios


Reinsurance management system

Unified Distribution Platform

Platform for digitalization of all sales processes

Unified Product Platform for Health

Modular platform to define, develop and distribute products