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Customer self service portal

With the innovative customer self-service portal msg.Online Insure, insurance customers can manage almost all relevant aspects of their insurance policies themselves. Self-explanatory technologies actively involve your customers in the business processes.

Your customers can update their contract and personal information themselves online at any time or change the funds in their life insurance policy. All it takes is a simple login. Users communicate with the solution via a simple, intuitive graphic user interface. It has been optimised for all devices: smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

The modern self-service platform makes business relationships transparent, has advantages over classical services and is a cost-effective way of supplementing your personal customer support services at the same time. Adapt to modern customer needs and turn your customers into active partners with msg.Online Insure.


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Standard software

Our upgradeable software gives your company maximum security of investment and a secure future.

Digital touchpoints

The solution provides an end-to-end, personalised digital user experience. It provides modern websites with intuitive graphic user interfaces. The ‘mobile first’ strategy and user-centred design represent our holistic approach to delivering a user-centric tool for users’ permanently changing requirements.

Flexible integration in a comprehensive platform

The back-end services in the Insurance Suite can be integrated in one intuitive graphic user interface.


The system supports multiple languages and clients, making it suitable for use in international groups.

Web content management system

The website is maintained and administered in the Liferay content management system. The system also enables the efficient management of multiple multilingual websites.

Innovative responsive design

The dynamic user interface enables ease of use on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The structure of the website adapts automatically to the available screen display. It also supports the integration of device functions (camera, GPS, etc.).

Modern user experience

The solution increases the participation rate thanks to its modern user interface. msg life offers your company the development and implementation of a sophisticated Web design that optimises the user experience and customer journey.

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Your advantages

  • SOA and modern technology for a safe investment and flexible process structuring
  • Flexible scalability ensures top performance, even for large numbers of users
  • Boosts profitability and cuts costs, especially processing costs
  • Improves customer services, giving you more time for personal advisory work
  • Meets the needs of today’s customers for permanent availability, saving time, ease of use and independence
  • Portal and content can be personalised for specific roles and users
  • Enables the simple integration of heterogeneous services/back ends
  • The portal represents a central entry point for various back ends, so users only have to log in once (SSO)
  • The portal server not only provides a runtime environment for portlets, but also various additional functions that can be used right away such as CMS, DMS, IDM, SSO, cross-portal searches and social and collaboration tools
  • Tracking of portal use (analytics) and report generation
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msg.Online Insure: Strong customer retention in the digital age


msg.Online Insure goes robo-advice

Press release

15 November 2017: msg life and Fincite present Robo-Advisor solution for the insurance industry