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msg.Migration System

Migration of data from any source system to any target system

Our tried-and-tested migration software enables data from any source system to be transferred securely to the target systems of your choice.

The solution manages the transformation of data between the policy administration system autonomously. It also supports data migration from peripheral and neighbouring systems. Users only have to define the transformation rules via a graphical interface. Our successful migration software has been certified by KPMG to comply with audit standard IDW PS 880.

Profit from our solid expertise and years of experience in migration projects by choosing msg.Migration System.


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Flexible product design

msg.Migration System enables the migration of any system. New data models or changes to data models in source and target systems can be imported automatically.

Process automation

The highly automated transformation process gives you a clear advantage. Transformation rules are captured in full in the graphical user interface, enabling the migration process to be completed faster.

Migration System Workbench

The Java-based workbench comprises the user interface with an input, code-generation and persistence component and includes the imported data models. It records the transformation rules for the migration and generates the Migration Engine by means of templates. The individual data models and transformation rules are stored in a relational database by ODBC.

Migration Engine

The Migration Engine comprises the programs for migration, data transformation and controlling. It is compiled from the ANSI-C sources generated by the workbench and can be deployed flexibly on a variety of platforms.

Controlling/audit trail

The solution ensures that the migration process is fully auditable. A compendium of verification records for individual policies and the entire portfolio ensure transparency.

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Your advantages

  • Rapid deployment thanks to standardised, tried-and-tested procedures and flexible customisation mechanisms
  • Support in all key phases of the migration process
  • Minimisation of costs and risks through tried-and-tested software
  • High iteration speed thanks to complete generation of transformation rules
  • Easily expandable by means of templates
  • Source systems can be migrated to target systems regardless of the sector
  • Audit-proof, certified compliant with IDW PS 880


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msg.Migration System: Migration of data from any source system to any target system

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