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msg.Migration Archive

Archiving of historical contract data and peripheral system data

Our solution archives historical policy and peripheral system data cost-effectively following a migration. msg.Migration Archive collects policy data from different portfolios and displays the information rapidly, in a structured manner and according to the statutory requirements. The archived data can thereby be blocked, unblocked and deleted at any time via a Code of Conduct (CoC) function.

The software for all kinds and sizes of portfolios cross-links the contract data with other relevant data and makes this data available centrally. Insurers can add or change these links even years after the implementation.

Our high-performance system is available independently or as a component of msg.Insurance Suite and is suitable for historical data from all insurance sectors: in addition to life insurance, it has already been used with great success in non-life and private health insurance.


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Standard software

Our upgradeable software gives your company maximum security of investment and a secure future.

Flexible product design

The software can be easily embedded in existing applications. Flexibility in system integration and predefined standard interfaces guarantee a rapid production start.

Full integration

Our system can run as a stand-alone solution, but can also be integrated as one component of a policy administration system.

Ready for Cloud/SaaS

The software solution is also available via a private cloud. msg life provides the application software in a computing centre and takes care of maintenance, modifications in line with regulatory requirements and technical operations.

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Your advantages

  • High-performance, low-cost management of historic data
  • Suitable for all sectors, all migrations and all policy administration systems
  • Possibility to subsequently alter expert views independently
  • Rapid deployment thanks to standardised, tried-and-tested procedures and flexible customisation mechanisms
  • Programming language Java, compatible with various technical platforms (Windows and Linux)
  • User-friendly research of specific values within one contract
  • CoC and GDPR reports are integrated in msg.Migration Archive
  • No limit on the number of users or volumes of data
  • Generates CSV and XML files from a contract for further processing
  • Supports the IDEA interface for public auditors
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msg.Migration Archive: Archiving of historical contract data and peripheral system data

Product brochure

msg.Migration Factory: The complete solution for secure and cost-effective migrations

Product brochure

msg.Migration System: Migration of data from any source system to any target system