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msg.Migration Archive

Archiving of historical contract data and peripheral system data

Our solution archives historical policy and peripheral system data cost-effectively following a migration. Statutory information can be structured and presented quickly.

Software for all policies and volumes reduces the volume of source data. Redundant data is eliminated during the loading process. This saves space on the hard drive and increases the retrieval speed significantly. Policy data can also be cross-linked with other relevant data. This function lets you avoid the cost of allocating data directly.

Our high-performance system is suitable for historical data from all insurance segments: in addition to life insurance, it has already been used with great success in non-life and private health insurance.


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Standard software

Our upgradeable software gives your company maximum security of investment and a secure future.

Flexible product design

The software can be easily embedded in existing applications. Flexibility in system integration and predefined standard interfaces guarantee a rapid production start.

Full integration

Our system can run as a stand-alone solution, but can also be integrated as one component of a policy administration system.

Ready for Cloud/SaaS

The software solution is also available via a private cloud. msg life provides the application software in a computing centre and takes care of maintenance, modifications in line with regulatory requirements and technical operations. The service level, including flexible financing and payment models, can be adapted to your individual needs.

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Your advantages

  • Rapid deployment thanks to standardised, tried-and-tested procedures and flexible customisation mechanisms
  • High-performance, low-cost management of historic data
  • Programming language ANSI C-Standard, compatible with various technical platforms (Windows, AIX, Host)
  • Convenient search options, including searches for specific values within one contract
  • No limit on the number of users or data volumes
  • Suitable for all sectors, all migrations and all policy administration systems
  • Generates CSV and XML files from a contract for further processing
  • Supports the IDEA interface for public auditors
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Product brochure

msg.Migration Archive: Archiving of historical contract data and peripheral system data

Product brochure

msg.Migration Factory: The complete solution for secure and cost-effective migrations

Product brochure

msg.Migration System: Migration of data from any source system to any target system