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msg.Pension Data

Solution for the automated provision of data for the digital pension overview

In November 2020, the German parliament (Bundestag) passed a law on the introduction of a digital pension overview (the Pension Overview Act – Rentenübersichtsgesetz – RentÜG). This law requires providers of private and company pension schemes to supply information on the status of their customers’ pensions to the central office for digital pension policies (Zentrale Stelle für die Digitale Rentenübersicht – ZfDR) from 2023 onwards.

msg.Pension Data is your solution for the automated provision of the required data. The standard software receives, processes and replies to the requests for pension information. It meets all legal requirements and supports the necessary process steps.

The data needs to be made available and processed in the pension portal the moment the pension claimant requests it. msg.Pension Data takes the annual pension information from the policy administration via standardised interfaces and makes it available to the ZfDR. Isolating these requests from the policy administration prevents the policy administration system from becoming overloaded.

All process steps are logged in accordance with the GDPR, with a detailed overview available at any time. msg.Pension Data can be integrated easily into your system landscape using flexible standard interfaces, and can be tailored to your requirements thanks to cutting-edge software architecture.

Reap the rewards of our years of experience in the implementation of legal requirements by choosing our cost-effective and complete solution msg.Pension Data. It can be used from October 2022 as part of the voluntary operating phase.


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Standard software

Future-proof and safe investment through continuous technical and professional development of the standard software.

Flexible product design

Flexible interfaces enable a simple and prompt integration into existing system landscapes, thus ensuring a quick implementation of the standard software.

Process automation

Fully automated processing of all business processes.

Modern technology

Our standardised, service-oriented system architecture ensures you can work with virtually any platform. The application can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Cost sharing

Benefit from savings in terms of the regular release updates, as the costs associated with centralised developments of our standard software are spread over a group purchasing organisation.

Ready for Cloud/SaaS

The software solution is also available as a cloud solution in a high-performance computing centre. It operates on the basis of established processes that comply with the relevant data protection guidelines. msg life maintains the software and adapts it to meet any regulatory requirements.

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Your advantages
  • Automated processing of ZfDR requests
  • Full compliance with all regulatory requirements for digital pension information as standard
  • Simple and flexible connection to existing policy administration systems
  • Relieves the policy administration system thanks to the processing of requests in a separate software component
  • Comprehensive logs
  • Compatible with various technical platforms
  • Multi-client support
  • Cost savings thanks to the distribution of development costs across a group purchasing organisation