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Modern policy administration system for company pension commitments

The version-independent standard software msg.Marsy-Pension is a modern system for the administration of commitments to company pensions. The solution automates all significant business processes for the administration and evaluation of the commitment for the implementation vehicles support funds, direct pension commitment and non-insurance pension funds.

msg.Marsy-Pension is particularly suitable for insurance companies with company pension portfolios, service providers in the field of pension commitment administration and evaluation, and companies with commitments for their own employees.

msg.Marsy-Pension includes comprehensive functions for the above-mentioned implementation vehicles as well as specific functions for individual implementation vehicles. The software therefore offers its own flexible mathematics for the definition and administration of the pension commitments which forms the basis for evaluating commitments. Additionally, the software provides all financial values for preparing expert opinions of the balance sheet in accordance with tax, commercial and IFRS regulations.

Additional functions support the preparation of fee regulations and certificates for pension insurance associations. Keeping its own accounts with inventory forms the basis of the annual financial statements for the pension providers.

Along with the policy administration system msg.Life Factory, msg.Marsy-Pension completes our service portfolio, making it a comprehensive one-stop-shop administration platform for all implementation vehicles for company and private pension schemes.

In addition, msg.Marsy-Pension has all the functions and services necessary for the integration and operation in existing IT infrastructures.


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Standard software

Our version-independent standard software gives your company maximum security of investment and a secure future.

Cost sharing

You can benefit from low-cost, centralised development by means of regular release updates.

Modern technology

The modern, service-oriented system architecture based on Java technology supports the synchronised integration in portals.

Ready for Cloud/SaaS

The standard software is also available as a cloud or SaaS solution.

Your advantages

  • Modern policy administration system with comprehensive functionality for the definition and administration of pension commitments
  • Comprehensive process coverage enables cost-effective policy administration
  • SOA and modern technology for a safe investment and flexible process structuring
  • Easy integration into existing system landscapes
  • Business processes can run completely automatically
  • Web services enable the integration of the point of service
  • Account management for technical bookkeeping and collections/disbursements
  • Mapping of any fee regulation as well as processing collections/disbursements and payments for fee receivables
  • Evaluation of commitments based on Markovian state spaces (Heubeck mortality tables)