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msg.Tax Data – Pflege-Bahr

Solution for the automation of allowances processes and reporting procedures for private supplementary care insurance (Pflege-Bahr)

msg.Tax Data – Pflege-Bahr is your complete solution for the automated processing of allowances and reporting procedures for private supplementary care insurance. The version-independent standard software completely covers all processes between provider, the central location for nursing care (ZfP) and the recipient of the allowances. All processes required by law – from the application and provision of allowances to the reporting system as well as the rejection and reclaim of allowances – are supported and can completely run in background processing. Manual processing options are available in case of errors or for corrections. Communication with the ZfP as well as with internal systems (policy administration, collections/disbursements, printing system, partners, document management, inbox) takes place via standard interfaces.

Comprehensive information functions ensure a high degree of transparency and an improved quality of service and information.

msg.Tax Data – Pflege-Bahr has been implemented as an independent software solution within the msg.Insurance Suite (Health), but it can also be easily integrated into existing IT systems. The system supports multiple clients so that different clients can be managed independently of one another.

With msg.Tax Data – Pflege-Bahr, you benefit from our extensive expertise and our long-standing experience in the implementation of regulatory requirements and you can make use of the allowances processes regarding Pflege-Bahr both efficiently and affordably.


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Standard software

Future-proof and safe investment though continuous technical and professional development of the standard software.

Process automation

The extensive automation of all business processes provides you with a clear advantage in everyday clerical work.

Cost Sharing

Our standard software is used successfully by many customers: you, too, can profit from low-cost, centralised development by means of regular release updates.

Flexible product design

The solution can be easily embedded in existing applications. Flexibility in system integration and predefined standard interfaces guarantee a rapid production start.

Modern technology

Our standardised, service-oriented system architecture ensures you can work with virtually any platform. The application can be integrated separately into other system processes. Clerical work efficiency is supported by a graphic user interface.

Ready for Cloud/SaaS

The software solution is also available via a private cloud. msg life provides the application software in a computing centre and takes care of maintenance, modifications in line with regulatory requirements and technical operations. The service level, including flexible financing and payment models, can be adapted to the respective needs.

Tried-and-tested migration procedures

Automated procedures extract data, including historic data, from existing systems. All information and processing steps are available and can be executed without restrictions.

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Your advantages
  • Automation of internal and external processes regarding the management of allowances for private supplementary care insurance
  • Notification to ZfP in the prescribed XML format
  • Regulatory compliance in standard projects – on time, completely and cost-effectively
  • Save money as development costs are spread over a group purchasing organisation
  • High service quality thanks to improved information retrieval on the level of policy and allowance application, including history
  • Numerous plausibility checks for great process security
  • Integrated process control
  • Rapid deployment thanks to standardised, tried-and-tested procedures and flexible configuration options
  • Low integration costs thanks to component architecture, flexible technical mechanisms for system integration and predefined standard interfaces
  • Compatible with various technical platforms (Windows, LINUX)