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msg.Health Factory

Modular standard software for the private health market

Our high-performance complete solution covers the entire life cycle of a health insurance contract.

It supports your company with all its business processes from applications via policy management through to payment processing. Analysis tools ensure all-round product maintenance. The software is equally suitable for small, medium and large companies. It manages collective policies and enables workflow-based processing. Its consistently service-focused architecture is based on Java EE, making it simple to integrate into your existing IT environment. A wide range of Internet-enabled devices are also supported.

Stay fit for purpose with msg.Health Factory: Optimise your business processes with our efficient complete solution – all from a single source.


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Standard software

Our upgradeable software gives your company maximum security of investment and a secure future.

Flexible product design

The software can be easily embedded in existing applications. Flexibility in system integration and predefined standard interfaces guarantee a rapid production start.

Flexible multi-tier/thin-client technology

Our standardised, service-oriented system architecture ensures you can work with virtually any platform. Individual application components can be integrated separately into other system processes.

Multichannel management

Our solution supports a multichannel approach. It enables insurance brokers, sales staff and customers to access the system at the point of service, regardless of the sales channel and device used.

Cost sharing

Our system is used successfully by many customers: you too can profit from low-cost, centralised development by means of regular release updates.

Ready for Cloud/SaaS

The software solution is also available via a private cloud. msg life provides the application software in a computing centre and takes care of maintenance, modifications in line with regulatory requirements and technical operations. The service level, including flexible financing and payment models, can be adapted to your individual needs.

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Your advantages

  • High process coverage makes for cost-effective contract management and good service
  • SOA and modern technology for a safe investment and flexible process structuring
  • Flexible scalability ensures top performance, even for large numbers of users
  • High degree of automation for all business processes
  • System supports multiple languages, clients and currencies
  • Low integration costs thanks to component architecture, flexible technical mechanisms for system integration and predefined standard interface
  • Compatible with various technical platforms (Windows, UNIX)
  • Ensures full compliance with statutory requirements
  • Product model with and without ageing provisions
  • Predefined loss adjustment model for payments (fits all current private medical insurance policies)
  • End-to-end rules for highly automated application and payment processes
  • Sophisticated medical validation rules for GOÄ, GOZ, PZN, DRG, Basic rate, alternative medicine and nursing care
  • Functionally complete analytical model (Business Intelligence)