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Flexible product development from a single source

As an insurer and financial service provider, you can manage your product knowledge centrally and flexibly with our cutting-edge product management system msg.PM Quattro (msg.PMQ).

The solution facilitates lean development and highly efficient management of your products. The associated rules and algorithms are centrally defined for all sectors and run identically on all deployment platforms requiring this knowledge. In addition, the msg.PMQ Product Suite offers you various specialised tools for testing and simulation as well as for quickly creating product variants that complement the area of deployment.

Meet market requirements with msg.PMQ promptly and flexibly: our advanced IT solution ensures a short time-to-market and top-quality deployment of your products.


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Future-proofing standard software

Our release-ready standard solution is future-proof and a safe investment. Our system is being used successfully by many of our clients: benefit from regular, low-cost release updates on key further developments and the possibility to participate in user conferences.

Easy integration using standardised interfaces

The software can be integrated easily into existing applications. Flexible system integration and predefined standard interfaces ensure a fast production start-up.

Short time-to-market owing to an effective development environment

A high degree of product flexibility and the potential to reuse the solution guarantee a short time-to-market and a competitive edge.

Ready for Cloud/SaaS

Our solution is also available via a private Cloud. The application software is delivered from our data centre, and we provide maintenance and technical operations. With flexible financial and payment models, the service level can be adapted individually to your personal requirements.

Process automation owing to a product-focused approach

Integrating msg.PMQ into administrative systems with its product-focused approach enables a higher degree of automation of all business processes, since these are controlled directly by the product. All processes are optimised to run in a target-orientated manner.

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Your advantages

  • Quicker deployment using a standardised, tried and tested process model and flexible customising mechanisms
  • Precise control of which products are offered for which target group
  • Claim settlements, scope for discretion and ex-gratia arrangements can be adapted at any time, particularly by using product-specific rules
  • In-depth analysis of market trends and developments
  • On the basis of rules and implemented formulae, the msg.PMQ Designer calculates the various contract values that are used in the system for quotations, contracts, damages and commissions
  • msg.PMQ Runner performs mass testing of the contract data for a high degree of test coverage of your product logic
  • msg.PMQ Product Analysis Workbench (PAW) provides specialised product testing by determining the links between product parameters of the inventory and simulations of the product on a timescale
  • msg.PMQ Runtime is the runtime environment for msg.PMQ in Java and C, and delivers product knowledge to other applications via the respective interface or product services
  • A range of additional tools enable product data to be imported and exported to and from Excel© as well as into other formats to be processed further