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High-performance administration of natural and legal persons

msg.Business Partner offers your company the effective management of individuals and legal entities.

With our software you can keep track of all your business relationships at all times. It stores general partner information, addresses and bank details. Authentication data, foreign keys, business relations, partner groups and partner relations can be stored centrally. The system also supports the verification of addresses and bank details and complete version histories of your data.

Optimise your clerical work sustainably with our solution. Benefit from the central management of your business data with msg.Business Partner.


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Standard software

Our upgradeable software gives your company maximum security of investment and a secure future.

Flexible product design

The system can be implemented quickly and at low cost thanks to a standardised customising process.

Process automation

The high degree of automation of all business processes provides you with a clear advantage in everyday clerical work.

Variable duplicate checks

Integrated duplicate avoidance and elimination functions help to improve your data quality. Identified and accepted duplicates can be tagged. The solution also manages groups of duplicate partner data via a special dialogue.

Powerful search services

Searches for name, surname and town can be expanded to include fuzzy results. The phonetic search generates more results than the exact search and can be selected as required in the Partner Search dialogue box.

Partner roles are a generic construction

Partner roles are stored separately and so are available to all functional systems. Functional authority over a role and its significance lies with the functional system that generates it. Roles managed across sectors and functional systems serve as the central basis for the 360-degree client information system.

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Your advantages

  • SOA and modern technology for a safe investment and flexible process structuring
  • Central management of business data
  • 360° view provides an efficient and universal overview
  • Fast deployment thanks to standardised, tried-and-tested procedures
  • Boosts profitability and cuts costs, especially processing costs
  • Increases operating and sales efficiency
  • End-to-end support for the entire sales process
  • Flexible integration with the company’s organisational and technical environment
  • Integrated check for duplicate new entries and forwarding to clerical function for checking against matching score limits.
  • Any duplicates are forwarded to the duplicate master
  • Searches shown in order of greatest spelling match (Levenshtein distance)
  • Persistence in the search function of phonetic representation of name, surname and address (double metaphone algorithm)