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Axel Helmert holds a degree in mathematics from Leibniz University Hanover and is Managing Director of msg life Austria. During the last decades, he and his team constantly generated product innovations that answer the needs of life insurance companies. Driven by the enormous potential of machine learning, he is now seeking for basic innovations to improve the efficiency of processes, services and quality. His vision is to make intelligent use of deep neural networks (DNNs) with the aim of strengthening life insurers’ capacity to manage their business in times of ultra-low interest rates and the guarantees associated with pension benefits.


Dr. Christian Weber studied technical mathematics at the university of technology TU Wien in Vienna (obtaining his degree in 1988 and his PhD in 1994). Following a postgraduate degree at the Institute for Advanced Studies, he became an assistant at the Institute for Statistics and Mathematics of the Vienna University of Economics and Business in 1990. He joined FJA AG, now msg life ag, in 1999. He works with mathematics for msg.Life Factory both in projects for customers and standard development. He has been in charge of coordinating the development of the calculation engine since 2012. He is also a visiting lecturer at TU Wien.


Dr. Stefan Nörtemann has studied mathematics and computer science at TU Dortmund University. After earning his PhD in mathematics, he started his professional career at an occupational pension consultancy. Since 2002, he has been working for FJA Feilmeier & Junker GmbH, today’s msg life central europe gmbh, in the field of Financial Reporting and Risk Management. In 2004, he became a member of the DAV (German Association of Actuaries) and has been involved on different committees and working groups ever since. He also heads the DAV expert group on Actuarial Data Science, established in the beginning of 2017.

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