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Software, consulting and cloud solutions for insurers

msg life is one of the leading IT specialists for insurers, with over 35 years’ experience and exceptional actuarial expertise. The combination of our actuaries’ and IT professionals’ specialist knowledge as well as our tried and tested expertise offers our clients decisive competitive advantages.

Our portfolio ranges from standard software and tailor-made services to cloud solutions for the demands of today and the future. Our bespoke consulting services for our clients add to our broad range of services.

The constant further development of our solutions in compliance with demands of the market and our clients guarantees sustainable use of state-of-the-art software architecture and products with a high degree of added value.



msg life always keeps an eye on the challenges of the industry such as new regulatory demands, greater administrative efficiency, growing cost pressure, digital transformation and InsurTech.

As a considerate partner, we help insurers adapt to changing customer behaviour, develop new products and put them on the market quickly and cost-effectively, and thus secure their competitive edge.

Download now: The key facts concerning msg life are outlined in our brochure Facts & Figures.

msg life in brief

1,100 Employees

Nearly 1,100 colleagues work for our clients around the world; most of them in our main offices in Echterdingen, near Stuttgart, and Munich.

17 offices

You will find msg life in 8 European countries and the USA.

EUR 134.3 million in revenue

In 2018 msg life generated global revenue of EUR 134.3 million.

More than 35 years’ experience

Our history goes back to 1980. We already released our first standard policy management software in 1987 - now the msg.Life Factory.

Over 100 successful implementations of core systems

Our clients are at home in more than 30 countries in Europe, in the USA and in Australia.

Powerful partnership network

Our partner and largest shareholder msg systems has over 7,500 employees at offices in 23 countries and generates annual revenue of EUR 961 million (2018).

Vision and Mission

Our value proposition

msg life has been setting standards for digitalizing and innovating insurance processes since the 1980s. Our emphasis on mathematical expertise and decades of specialized experience working with top insurers is unmatched in the industry. When you are moving into uncharted territory, it’s smart to have a pioneer at your side.

Our vision

In a rapidly changing world, msg life strives to be a world leader in creating solutions that future proof the insurance industry.

Our mission

We leverage 35 years of insurance industry expertise and cutting edge technology assets to help our clients transform their insurance processes into top performing drivers of growth. Whether you are an insurer in need of a way to modernize your existing technologies or rather are looking to migrate into a highly efficient integrated system, msg life is there to make sure that your solution is fit for today’s conditions and tomorrow’s challenges.

Code of Conduct

The msg life Code of Conduct

msg life established and published its Code of Conduct in November 2014. It was updated and expanded at various points in its reissue in November 2018. An important function of the Code of Conduct is to make everyone in the company aware of the applicable laws and company guidelines in an appropriate way and to sensitise them to legal risks of their day-to-day work. The Code of Conduct summarises laws and other regulations that are particularly relevant for msg life companies and provides guidance. As a binding guideline for lawful and ethically responsible behaviour in our company, the Code of Conduct also defines the standards for responsible conduct towards business associates and the public, as well as for behaviour towards one another within the company. For the employees, this means clear guidance for their day-to-day activities, and for suppliers and customers it means a binding promise that they can count on. Whether employees, executives, management staff or the Management Board, everyone in the company must comply with the principles established in the Code of Conduct.


The Code of Conduct contains a variety of principles, classified in accordance with the thematic areas ‘Vision, corporate goals and general principles’, ‘Conflicts of interest’, ‘Preventing bribery and corruption’, ‘Fair competition / Prohibition of cartels’, ‘Handling of data, information and operating assets’, ‘Social responsibility’ and ‘Environmental protection’.

In addition to this, the Code of Conduct also acts as a guideline for appropriate decision-making and gives information about the communication channels provided by the company, in other words the possibilities for seeking advice, expressing misgivings about possible misconduct safely and confidentially or making suggestions on how to improve the compliance processes.

We are familiarising our employees with the Code of Conduct in a training course designed especially for this purpose.

msg life Group – Code of Conduct (pdf)