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Our partners

msg life works together with some of the best tech companies and specialists in the business. These synergies allow us to combine our own expertise with specialized and legacy enhancements for greater efficiency and specific implementations.

msg systems

Our main shareholder and partner msg systems is an international group of companies that offers intelligent cross-sector IT solutions and strategic consultancy based on functional competence.


IBM and msg life have been collaborating in digitizing and transforming insurers’ business models for more than ten years. Together, they market and implement the complete software set msg.Insurance Suite Life, an msg life platform that digitizes all insurance activities. IBM contributes technologies like artificial intelligence and the IBM Cloud as well as a strong international network to this partnership. Combining their unique assets, the two leading IT companies promise highly automated processes and most efficient and secure project workflows.
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Foresight GmbH

Foresight GmbH is specialised in consulting services on all aspects of time-value accounts and lifetime working time models. Since 2019, we have been working closely with employers who manage their employees’ time-value accounts using msg.Pension. Over 300 corporate clients across all sectors currently use our web-based service and management platform for time-value accounts and defined-contribution company pension schemes.

Fincite GmbH

Fincite is a leading European software provider for digital asset & wealth management.

In response to the changing requirements of digital customers, msg life and Fincite have developed a cutting-edge solution for the insurance industry based on msg.Online Insure:  a platform for individual pensions and retirement planning.